Zodiac Curtains are the
    best that match your
    windows and doors like
    gems on jewelers. Our
    curtains will change the
    look and feel of your rooms

  Vertical Blinds
    Vertical blinds are used
    keep privacy well and to
    control the amount of
    light flows to the rooms.
    Vertical Blinds comes in
    wide range of colours: -

  Venetian Blinds
    This will be the perfect
    window design for your
    home or office environment,
    the secrecy it provides
    based on the necessity is
    absolutely incomparable

  Roller Blinds
    Roller blinds are very
    popular from old time itself;
    we offer custom window
    roller blinds and window
    roller shades, as well as
    solar roller shades and

  Bamboo Blinds
    Blinds are always
    considered “ancient”
    because they go back
    a long way in history.
    Bamboo Blinds are indeed
    perfect window treatments

  Pvc Blinds
    PVC Blinds are for those
    who need a modern look
    accompanied by quality
    and performance, the PVC
    blinds we are best in the
    industry. It is made out of


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  Wood Blinds
    The natural look of wooden
    blinds adds style and
    character to any room,
    their timeless beauty and
    natural wood characteris-
    tics can now be seen in

  Poles & Tracks
    We offer a huge selection
    of poles and tracks the
    varieties includes vivid
    designs of Brass,
    Aluminium, Steel, Stain-
    less Steel, and Iron.

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